CMH (Ceramic Metal Haide) 315W 3100K FULL-SPECTRUM LAMP FOR PLANT GROWTH, Long average life, higher PAR. Grow Light Bulb Lamp.

The YOOLUX 315W CMH grow lamp provides full-spectrum combines the HPS spectrum with the MH spectrum in one bulb, making it the perfect light for all stages of growth, from seed stage, germination stage, growth stage, flowering stage and fruiting stage,


The CMH lamp offer a much higher PAR makes plants grow stronger in the greenhouse, during the full cycle growing and energy saving 25% than HPS / MH and LED,


The CMH lamp offer UV light, YOOLUX lamps use a glass filter to block UV-C which is harmful for plant, leaving only UV-A and UV-B light which many feel is benefial to yield quality.There is no need for supplemental UV lights if use YOOLUX CMH grow lamp for indoor growing.


Low heat production, temperature is a key factor in plant growth and development. Along with the levels of lightcarbon dioxide, air humidity, water and nutrients, temperature influences plant growth and ultimately crop yields. the low temperatures can beneficial to crops and helpfully their ability to produce optimum yields. The CMH grow lamp lights run much cooler than the HPS and MH lamp, This allows them to produce sufficient light without overheating even smaller grow rooms and lets growers place them closer to their plants, helping to reduce the chances of scalding the leaves and flowers.


Long average life, the CMH lamp last much longer than HPS and MH, apart from the most expensive LED fixtures. The HPS or MHbulbs is to replace them after 10,000 hours of use, the CHM can work over 20,000 hours.


Best suitable for big blooms and growing flowers.